We will fully take care of your commission.
We will design it, produce it and deliver.

Specialization of Production

We are not afraid of any technical challenges, but we have the most experience in the following areas:

Pneumatic and handling components as well as other products for the industry needs
Steel construction metal sheet and profile processing from steel and stainless steel
Custom made parts of steel sheet machined parts and welded products

What can we do?


Everything begins in the program, where the products are developed into the technical documentation. The outputs from the program are in AutoCAD compliant format.


We have a wide range of lathe and milling machines that help us to process the material to the desired shape and form. We also handle curving profiles, press breaking and sheet cutting.


We weld metal sheets by MIG method from 1.5 mm without the upper limit. Welders are certified regularly. We also offer to perform penetration tests.

Varnishing and Blasting
Surface treatment is completely ensured by rustproof blasting and subsequent painting if required.
In the assembly room we put everything together and do a final quality control.


We will take care of the transport with the help of an external delivery company and a smooth delivery of your order even beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

About us

For over 20 years our company has successfully exported more than half of its production abroad, mainly to Germany, Austria and Italy. From these foreign markets we have strong references from companies such as IBAU HAMBURG ngenieurgesellschaft Industriebau mbH, Scheuch GmbH, SISTEMI INDUSTRIALI S.P.A.

We are a family company and we build on employee satisfaction. Long-term relationship building in the working collective is also transferred to relationships with customers, where we put reliability and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation to the forefront.

Our advantages include flexibility and the fact that within our technical capabilities we are able to produce whatever the customer needs. Whether it is the piece production of specific products where more preparation work is needed, or series production, which in turn is more demanding in terms of production capacity.

Company presentation

We hold both domestic and foreign certificates

Certificates to download:
DIN EN ISO 3834-3ISO 9001


SP WERKO s.r.o

IČO: 25568795
DIČ: CZ25568795

Kotojedská 2588, 76701 Kroměříž
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 573 331 367
E-mail: simek@spwerko.cz

Managing Director:
Ing. Dalibor Šimek, Ph.D.
+420 573 341 431
+420 739 385 555

Sales and Manufacturing Department:

Radim Kocáb
+420 730 605 905

Ing. Petr Zimák
+420 573  331 367
+420 605 846 656

Marie Malátová
+420 573 331 367

Finance Department:
Ing. Markéta Nelešovská
+420 573 331 367

Supply Management:
Jiří Sláma
+420 573 345 239
+420 603 950 543